Transfer your Shares- 900x330

Transfer your shares

You may transfer your shares to a brokerage account, or to a different registration.

Transfer to a broker:

  • For U.S. team members only: If you wish to deposit your shares with Wells Fargo Advisors or you already have a financial advisor, please contact your financial advisor directly for assistance. For WellsTrade accounts, please contact WellsTrade at 1-800-TRADERS (1-800-872-3377) for assistance. To establish a new brokerage account with Wells Fargo, please contact Wells Fargo Advisors at 1-877-487-1214.
  • Non-U.S. team members do not have WellsTrade available to them but may choose to transfer to a different broker of their choice.
  • Your broker may request a copy of your EQ account statement to have shares deposited into a brokerage account. Please check with your broker to confirm their specific requirements for depositing shares into a brokerage account. A copy of your EQ account statement will be available in your online account at Shareowner Online.
  • Please note that a transfer from a team member’s account at EQ to another account of that team member at a broker without any change in beneficial ownership, would not require any pre-clearance.

Transfer to a different registered account at EQ:

  • Add another person to the account or transfer to a different person or entity; this is called changing the registration on the account.
  • You may view instructions and download forms at