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Being a shareowner

Being a shareowner of Wells Fargo means you own a part of the company. This comes with a range of responsibilities, considerations and potential benefits.

You may receive shares of Wells Fargo common stock once your restricted share rights vest, subject to the terms and conditions found in your grant agreement. 

Your shares will be held electronically in a Direct Registration System (DRS) account on the records of Wells Fargo maintained by EQ, as the transfer agent. Wells Fargo & Company common stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange under ticker symbol WFC. You can determine the approximate value of your shares by viewing a current stock price quote and multiplying it by the number of shares you own.

As a shareowner with a financial investment in Wells Fargo, you are able to vote on motions that are proposed regarding the company’s strategy. Every year Wells Fargo issues an annual report which summarizes the company’s performance – you can view the latest here. Additionally, you can receive a portion of the company’s earnings through future dividend payments as they are declared by Wells Fargo’s Board of Directors. A dividend is a portion of a company’s profits paid to its shareowners. In the fourth quarter of 2020, Wells Fargo’s Board of Directors approved a quarterly common stock dividend of $0.10 per share. For example, if you had owned 50 shares of Wells Fargo common stock, at the time of the dividend, you would have received $5.00 for that quarter. This site provides additional information regarding options available for receiving future dividend payments.

Actions you need to take:

You are encouraged to establish online access to your DRS account at EQ. EQ allows online access to your account at

  • If you are a new shareowner, you will receive online enrollment instructions from Wells Fargo.
  • If you are already a shareowner with an account at EQ and are currently enrolled online, you may use your current username and password to access your Shareowner Online account. Prior to the vesting, it is recommended you login to confirm your account information is correct. This includes validating your mailing address, preferred email address and electronic delivery preferences.